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MINT is a creative network that produces fresh ideas and new projects in the field of media, innovation and technology.

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Mustafa Kuleli, Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS) General Secretary, was elected four years ago as the youngest union head. He successfully launched a communication campaign to change the image of TGS and to make the trade union attractive among young journalists. Under his leadership, the TGS managed to secure new collective agreements in several media outlets and promoted the values of fair working conditions and press freedom in new working places. He graduated from Bilgi University’s School of Journalism in 2008. He has since worked for various media organizations including Evrensel daily, Hayat TV, TV8, NTV.com.tr, IMC TV, Diken.com.tr, Duvar.com.tr, Journo.com.tr.

Dr. Sarphan Uzunoglu, is an associate professor in UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Before his position at UiT, Uzunoğlu worked as a lecturer in Kadir Has University Public Relations and Information Department for 3 years. From 2011 October to 2015 September, Uzunoğlu worked as political advisor in Turkish Great Nation Assembly (TBMM). Uzunoğlu got his PhD degree from Galatasaray University Media and Communication Studies Programme with his thesis about precarious journalistic labour in Turkey’s media environment. After contributing to several newspapers such as Akşam, Radikal and Taraf for years, Uzunoğlu recently contributes to several platforms such as Journo.com.tr; Platform24.org and Globalvoices.org.

Orhan Şener, is graduated from İstanbul Bilgi University department of Business and Economics. After his bachelors degree, he has started studying in City University, London and has obtained his masters degree from the MSc program in ‘Information, Communication and Society’ with the dissertation titled “Online Political Participation Practices of University Students”. He has started his PhD in ‘Media and Communication Studies’ in Galatasaray University. Since 2014, he has been working on his dissertation project titled “Information Access, Filtering and Processing Practices of Digital Migrants: The Case of Journalists in İstanbul”.

Sergul Taşdemir, is a Ph.D. candidate in Media and Communications Studies at Galatasaray University. She received her Sociology (B.A.) degree from Bogazici University, Istanbul in 2009, and her European Studies (M.A.) degree from Sciences Po Paris in 2011. From 2011 to 2014, she worked for the news channel CNN Turk as a correspondent covering local and foreign news. Then, she gained professional experience in Corporate Communications in Sabanci, Turkey’s one of the biggest groups. Her academic research interests lie in international news media, ethics and migration.

Ahmet A. Sabancı, is a writer, journalist and translator. He graduated from Mimar Sinan FAU department of Philosophy. He’s mainly working on philosophy, human rights, technology, information security, future studies, science fiction and everything in between. As a writer and journalist, he has contributed to outlets The Guardian, Journo.com.tr, Globalvoices.org, Daily Dot and more, and also gives information security trainings for journalists. He published two books, many articles and several guides as a translator. His work on future studies and philosophy mostly published at Tuhaf Gelecek and his personal blog.

Dr. Can Ertuna studied Sociology (B.S.) and Urban Policy Planning (M.S.) in the Middle East Technical University. He recently got his PhD degree from Media and Communication Studies programme of Galatasaray University and has been working as a visiting lecturer at Bahcesehir University, New Media department. He has been working in the Turkish media for nearly 20 years fulfilling different roles as writer, editor and correspondent. As a reporter, he covered news mostly in conflict and war zones for Turkish news channel NTV. He recently reported from countries such as; Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Egypt, Israel. He has a book in Turkish called “Arab Uprisings Diary” (2014).